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Sarratt is in a rural area and the Parish Council own and 
are responsible for a number of open spaces and woodlands.
These include the Green in Sarratt Village, Dawes Common in the Chilterns AONB, Commonwood and Penmans Green.
There are some 30 miles of footpaths within the Parish and these are well used by local people and many visitors. 

The Parish Office
The office is located on the side of Sarratt Village Hall the opening hours for the coming week are 

Friday 21st                               Closed

Monday 24th                            Closed

Tuesday 25th                            10:00 til 12:00

Wednesday 26th                      12:00 til 2:00

Thursday 27th                          Closed

Friday 28th                               10:00 til 12:00

The telephone number is 01923 262025 and the Clerk to  the Council is Mrs Janice Dawes.


There are 3 noticeboards around the parish.  Outside the Village Hall, the shelter on The Green opposite The Boot and in
Bucks Hill.  You are welcome to post notices on the open boards in the Village.

The next meeting of the Council will take place on 
Tuesday 18th July 2017

For the year 2017/2018 the Chairman is Councillor David Turner , the Vice Chairman is Councillor Anthony Soothill
The full membership is listed in the Council Section of this website.